Welcome to the Abundant Grace Community!


Welcome to my new blog Abundant Grace!  I actually created this website three years ago, but had absolutely no clue where I wanted to take it!  The ironic thing is that all this time later, I am still not all that sure how to enter this blogging world!  The only thing different this time is that I’m more willing to try things out.

As a young adult who falls into the “millennial” category, I find it is really difficult to find a place of community as a Christian that encourages me in my walk with Christ.  As I started talking to other young people, I found their experience has been the same!   There are plenty of voices out there for us, but not many encourage us to slow down and dig deeper into God’s Word.  As Christians and ambassadors for Christ we should be seeking to conform our lives into something that would be pleasing to the Lord.  Its a life-long journey, I hear. 😊 My hope is that Abundant Grace will be a place of rest and encouragement to your soul.  After we get settled here a bit, I hope to find talented writers among my both my peers and godly older women who will guest blog on issues and topics important to us younger women.  When I browse the web, I’m always interested in bloggers who share about their real lives!  I feel like I’ve met new friends and immediately get to talk about deep topics.  So that’s another thing I want to do here at Abundant Grace.  

Abundant Grace is place for new friendships and meaningful, Christ-glorifying conversation!  Stay tuned as we gear up and try to develop our style and purpose.  I know this will take some time!  I’d love your feedback, so please comment as you feel led.

Soli Deo Gloria,🌷


Published by JenniferTrip@AbundantGrace

Hi! Welcome to my blog, Abundant Grace. I'm a Texan through and through and someone who delights in all the simple joys of life found on ordinary days. My interests are reading, cooking, photography, nature & pets, friendship, volunteering and all things creative like music and crafts. My family, church family, and friends mean so much to me and I cannot imagine life without them. Most importantly, I'm a daughter of the King of Kings (yes, that makes me a royal princess 😊). This blog I hope will encourage, inspire, and add a little fun to your day! Make sure and comment so I know what to post more of! Follow us at www.abundantgrace2017.com.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Abundant Grace Community!

  1. Hey there! I’m a great that you’ve launched a Christian blog for us “young folk”…I too just launched a blog for our age group! I wish you all the best in your writing endeavors. Blessings! ❤

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  2. Hi there,

    I don’t know how I came across your blog but glad I did. I started my blog in June to share about my “real life” experiences behind the Christian facade I put up so well. Check my blog out and let me know what you think serasituations.wordpress.com

    Blessings and love,
    S x x x


  3. Hi Jennifer! I’m afraid I don’t exactly fit into your age range of Christians exactly. I guess I’d say I’m on the tail end of Gen X. I don’t feel my true biological age, but the story behind that is too long for a comment. I think I’d like to follow Abundant Grace and see how it goes. I’m sort of young in my Christianity and I feel like I should find a group of like minded Christian friends. A.G. sounds like it’s going to be a good place. 🙂


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