Does Worldview Really Matter for the Future of America?

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Civilization since the beginning of time has been embroiled in a war of worldviews.  Today, the millennial generation is faced with tough ethical and religious questions that frankly we sometimes don’t know how to answer!  The climate of our educational standards and moral comprehension has been majorly assaulted through generations of decay as a society.  Sadly, America is experiencing the consequences of this moral degradation as we have moved into the realm of a post-Christian society.  I have seen this degradations fruit firsthand.  Like you, I have seen casualties of this war and people who are battle scarred.  I have been hurt by it either directly or indirectly. The pain is real, the confusion is real.

As God would have it, fatalism is not our intended future.  While civilization has had a war of worldview as a constant, so has God’s grace been constant.  As a Christian millennial myself, I am nothing but hopeful that as we engage our culture unapologetically that many will come to Christ and find their identity in Him.  The comforts of this world only offer so much and its failure to fulfill can actually be a major catalyst for change!  The change of individuals will be the future of America.

For my most recent college class, I was asked to write a paper on Christianity and the effects it has on our American society.  I immediately thought of the famous quote by Henry Van Til, “Culture is religion externalized.”  The way a society treats their citizens and builds political, economic, justice, and freedom standards all depends on the quality and strength of its religious core. What has provided the strength to our great nation is that America was founded on Judeo-Christian values.  While many founders were deists and still others of different religious persuasions, they all embraced a set of presuppositional values that are found in the Bible.  That is why even our Supreme Court has the Ten Commandments prominently showcased on the walls.  This has made the liberal left very angry!  America’s founders left no guesswork on who they intended to honor.  America intended to honor God and follow his rule of law even at the highest level as a means of insuring personal and nation liberty for all its citizens.  As stated by John Adams after the ratification of our United States Constitution, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  Our Founding Fathers knew that a baseline of morality was needed to make a great nation.

While there are many religions with their various subsets and ideas, I believe there are really only two worldviews: one is Christianity with its obedience and subjection to the Word of God and the other is a man-centered religion of humanism.  Humanism believes that man is the interpreter of right and wrong and as is easily discernable, this can lead to high tensions in this war of ideas.  Due to the secularization of America, humanism has become the predominant worldview.  Even if we are Christians, there is often a sort of functional humanism that we are embracing.  Rather than having a general belief in the Sovereignty of God, the dignity of humanity, the importance of hard work and faith, our society has become increasingly relativistic.

Francis Schaeffer was a leading philosopher and apologist of the 20th century who studied sociology and the effects of all the “isms” on society (humanism, hedonism, Marxism, socialism, communism).  In his excellent book How Then Should We Live?  he shares that “As the Christian consensus dies, there are not many sociological alternatives.  One possibility is hedonism, in which every man does his own thing.  Trying to build a society on hedonism leads to chaos.  One man can live on a desert island do as he wishes within the limits of the form of the universe, but as soon as two men live on the island, if they are to live in peace, they cannot both do simply as they please.” He goes on to state quite accurately that “Here is a simple but profound rule: If there are no absolutes by which to judge society, then society is absolute.”  As the Christian consensus has shifted further and further to the left on the spectrum of conservatism, I believe we are seeing this hedonism in America.  Battleground issues like abortion, adult euthanasia, public education curriculum, and homosexuality and gay marriage are just a few issues indicative of our post-Christian society.  We need look no further to see the effects of both religion or anti-religion on our American society.

In answer to the question “Does Worldview Really Matter for the Future of America?” the answer is a resounding YES!  My prayer for my generation especially is we have a resurgence in intentional, thoughtful, and biblical living by mining the Scriptures thoroughly to understand again God and His ways.  Our God has not left us in the dark without a path!  We have His Word, we have the common sense of His natural revelation, and most importantly we have Himself.  He is a God who never wavers or changes even when our culture might shift and sway.  So the thought of the day is GOD IS A GOD OF HOPE! Persevere and continue to seek Him out as you develop your world and life view.  The future of America depends on it.

Soli Deo Gloria🌷,


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